After more than twenty years of activity, Joshua Levinberg is a well know figure in the Israel business arena. From co-founder of the successful NASDAQ traded company Gilat (GILT) in 1987 to his current activity in JAL Ventures, many companies have enjoyed the benefits of his sharp mind and superior business skills.

Levinberg has maintained an active interest in Gilat throughout the years, holding a number of positions in the company including Vice President and Senior Vice President positions, and culminating in the position of Senior Advisor for Business Development and Corporate Strategy, which he holds today. Gilat specializes in solutions for hybrid networking and satellite systems, and their solutions are sold worldwide to large and small telecommunication operators, as well as to end users. Joshua was also responsible for setting up the US subsidiary of Gilat, a position that led to temporary relocation to the US in 1989. Lately Levinberg has been quoted on two separate occasions about Gilat. In a recent interview for Satellite Markets and Research he spoke about the importance of innovation and creativity, particularly in the satellite market. Earlier this year in an editorial in MergerMarket, Levinberg stressed the importance of global presence and size in attracting the big customers.

Although still holding a position in Gilat, Joshua Levinberg dedicates a significant amount of time today to JAL Ventures, an investment company established in 2003. Here again his partner and co-founder is his brother, Amiram Levinberg. JAL Ventures invests its funds primarily in companies with a technological orientation, with preference being given to companies in the fields of communication and internet. With an acute awareness of the current trend for green industry, renewable energy is another field of interest that is given preference by the investment company. JAL focuses on the added value that it brings to its investments – the creation of strong partnerships with the management of the companies in which it invests. Joshua Levinberg is active in several of these companies at board level.

Joshua Levinberg’s list of successes also includes companies in which he was involved and that have been sold to larger companies for significant amounts of money. These include Kasamba, an online advice service that was sold to LivePerson in 2007 for the sum of US$40 million. Another such company is Global Village Telecom (GVT). This Brazil-based Internet and Telecommunications company was acquired by Vivendi in 2009 for the princely amount of over $4 billion.

Other JAL investments span companies focusing on environmentally friendly digital printing, such as Matan Digital Printers, through to those offering network surveillance services, such as Vanadium, a software company that provides the “Virtual Auditor”, an application that ensures compliance with company network policies. Again showing his awareness for green industry and the environment, one of Joshua’s investments is the Israeli company Agropeace, of which he is co-founder and member of the board. The company is involved in bio-diesel fuel related projects in Africa.

Joshua Levinberg was born and educated in Tel Aviv, and still resides in this coastal city, making him a true Sabra (a nickname for someone born and bred in Israel). Joshua received his high school education at the Ohel Shem High School in Ramat Gan, which has had many well known Israeli businessmen pass through its gates. He went on to graduate from Tel Aviv University with a B.Sc in electrical engineering and electronics. When not working, which is perhaps not often as he would like, Levinberg is a keen windsurfer.

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